Ph.D. Thesis - 2013


Carlos Monteiro, PhD in Química Farmacêutica e Terapêutica, “Development of new synthetic methodologies for organic synthesis based on biocatalysis”, FF/UL, IST/UL (Supervisors: Carlos Afonso, co-supervisor: Nuno Lourenço)


Geisa Aparecida Lopes Gonçalves, PhD in Bioengineering, “Rational engineering of E. coli strains and vectors for improved manufacturing of plasmid biopharmaceuticals”, MIT-Portugal, UTL/IST (Supervisors: Miguel Prazeres, Kristala Lanett Jones Prather, Gabriel Monteiro)


João Manuel Beirão Torneiro Cavalheiro, PhD in Biotechnology, “From biodiesel glycerol to co- and ter- bacterial polyesters”, UTL/IST (Supervisors: Manuela Fonseca, Catarina Almeida)


Jonathan de la Vega Olivas, PhD in Biotechnology, “Impact of plasmid downstream processing on transient transfection”, UTL/IST (Supervisor: Miguel Prazeres)


Michaela Simcíková, PhD in Bioengineering, “Development of a process for the production and purification of minicircles for biopharmaceutical applications”, MIT-Portugal, UTL/IST (Supervisor: Gabriel Monteiro)


Rimenys Junior Carvalho, PhD in Bioengineering, “Phenylboronic Acid as Ligand for Multimodal Chromatography”, MIT-Portugal, UTL/IST (Supervisors: Steven Cramer, Ana Azevedo)


Sezin Aday, PhD in Bioengineering, “Platforms to modulate the activity of hematopoietic stem cells and their progenies”, MIT-Portugal, UTL/IST (Supervisors: Lino Ferreira, Cláudia Lobato da Silva)