José Cardoso de Menezes
Associate Professor with Full Professorship Habilitation (2005 - )

Research Activities
My main research interests include: i) Manufacturing Sciences & Technologies applied to pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in the fields of process and product design, development, at-scale qualification and commercial manufacturing; ii) Lifecycle Management, including post-approval change management, ongoing process verification, risk-management and continuous improvement; iii) Systems Engineering applied to new bio/pharmaceutical modalities and manufacturing paradigms.

Selected Publications
Volta e Sousa L, Gonçalves R, Menezes JC, Ramos A. (2021) Analytical Method Lifecycle Management in Pharmaceutical Industry: A Review. AAPS J. 22(3),128-141.

Santos RM, Kessler JM, Salou P, Menezes JC, Peinado A (2019) Improving reliability of Raman Spectroscopy for mAb cultivations, during bioprocess development stages. Talanta 199(7), 396-406.

Multivariate Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Eds Ana P. Ferreira, Jose C. Menezes, Mike Tobyn, Academic Press (2018).

A Lifecycle Approach to Knowledge Excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Eds Calnan N, Lipa M, Kane P, Menezes JC, Taylor & Francis (2017).

Gouveia FG, Felizardo PM, Menezes JC, Lifecycle Management of PAT Procedures: Applications to Batch and Continuous Processes. Chapter 14, p 323-345. in Multivariate Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry (2018), Academic Press

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