Ph.D. Thesis - 2014


Ana Catarina Silva Portinha Costa, PhD in Biotechnology IST, “Antifungal drug resistance in the pathogenic yeast Candida glabrata: emphasis on the role of uncharacterized drug: H+ antiporters”. (Supervisor: Miguel Teixeira) December 2014.
Fátima do Rosário Nunes Gil, PhD in Biotechnology IST, “Development of bioassays for pesticide toxicity assessment using the eukaryotic models Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Caenorhabditis elegans”. (Supervisors: Cristina Viegas, Jorge H. Leitão) July 2014.
João P. Santos Vicente, PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology IST, “Modeling and Simulation of Spray Drying Processes Based on Quality by Design Principles” (Supervisors: J. C. Menezes, F. Gaspar).
Jorge Augusto Dias Ventura de Carvalho, PhD in Bioengineering, MIT-Portugal, UAlg, “Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis of Protein-Surface Interaction Using Acoustic and Interdigital Label-Free Sensors”. (Supervisors: G. Ferreira, J.M.S. Cabral).
Luis Miguel de Oliveira e Silva Raiado Pereira, PhD in Biotechnology, “Hydrophobic Interaction Membrane Chromatography for the Downstream Processing of Plasmid DNA”, UL/IST (Supervisors: M. Mateus, D. M. F.  Prazeres).
Mário Rui Almeida dos Santos, PhD in Biotechnology IST, “Sinorhizobium meliloti outer membrane protein TolC and the transcriptional repressor EmrR are bacterial determinants of root-nodule symbiosis”. (Supervisors: Leonilde Moreira, Jörg Becker (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência)) September 2014.
Nuno Ricardo Torres Faria, PhD in Bioengineering, MIT-Portugal, IST, “Yeast mannosylerythritol lipids from lignocellulose: a novel strategy for the production of jet biofuel”. (Supervisors: F. Ferreira, C. Fonseca, B. Tidor).