Patents - 2014


Dhadge, V. L., Azevedo, A. M., Aires-Barros, M. R., Roque, A. C. A., “Enhanced magnetic liquid-liquid extraction for purification and partitioning of substances”, Portuguese Provisional Patent Application No.107379 (Priority date: 3 Jan 2014)

Fonseca, C. S., Faria, N. F., Ferreira, F. C., ”Processes for the production of microbial glycolipids, mannosylerythritol lipids, from lignocellulosic materials and their applications” (PCT at 15/04/2014) PCT pending.

Ferreira, F. C., Faria, N. F, Fonseca, C. S., “Produção de combustíveis utilizando glicolípidos microbianos com cadeias lipídicas compostas por 6 a 14 carbonos”, PT 107637; 15 Maio 2014

2014 PCT pending Fonseca C. S, Faria N. F, Ferreira, F. C. A (WO/2014/185805) “Enzymatic process for the production of mannosylerythritol lipids from lignocellulosic materials” International Application No.: PCT/PT2014/000032, International Filing Date: 15.05.2014.