M.Sc. Thesis - 2017


Ana Marta da Silva Rodrigues, MSc in Biological Engineering, “Impact of engineered nanoparticles on the performance of aerobic granular sludge sequencing batch reactors treating textile wastewater”, IST/UL, (Supervisors: Nídia Lourenço/Helena Pinheiro), 2017.

Ana Marília da Trindade Barata, MSc in Chemical Engineering, “Pilot scale study of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment with the Electro-Fenton technology”, IST/UL, (supervisors: Ana Rafael/Helena Pinheiro), 2017.

Diana Tamára Vaz Cipriano, MSc in Applied Microbiology, “Genomic deletions in Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655 for plasmid DNA production”, F.C./IST/UL. (supervisor: Gabriel Monteiro), 2017.

Fábia Marisa Alves Santos, MSc in Biological Engineering, “Diagnóstico da operação de secagem industrial de bacalhau salgado”, IST/UL, (supervisors: Marília Clemente Velez Mateus and Engª Vera Lúcia Henriques Xavier), 2017.

Jermel Chrishon Levons, MSc in Marine Biology, “Approaching the mutualistic versus pathogenic duality in symbiotic Vibrio species: a comparative genomics endeavor”, IST/UL and Bremen University IST/UL, (supervisors: Rodrigo Costa/Tilmann Harder), 2017.

João Francisco Barros dos Santos, MSc in Chemical Engineering, “Modelling the electrical energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants of the Águas de Portugal group”, IST/UL, (supervisors: Nuno Brôco/Helena Pinheiro), 2017.

Luís Bernardo Matias Bento, MSc in Biological Engineering, “A bioinformatic approach to the pathogenic potential of Vibrio crassostreae in marine sponges and corals”, IST/UL, (supervisor: Rodrigo da Silva Costa), 2017.

Marcelo de Jesus Ramires, MSc in Biotecnology, “Within-host evolution of Burkholderia multivorans during chronic infection of three cystic fibrosis patients”, IST/UL, (Supervisors: Inês N. Silva e Leonilde M. Moreira), 2017.

Margarida Maria Esteves Silva, MSc in Chemical Engineering, “Mannosylerythritol lipids: Searching for production and downstream routes” (IST/UL) (supervisor: F.C. Ferreira, Co-supervisor: Nuno Faria), 2017.

Maria Leonor Resina, MSc in Biological Engineering, “Role of tauroursodeoxycholic acid during expansion and neural commitment of human induced pluripotent stem cells under chemically-defined conditions”, IST/UL, (Supervisors: Tiago Fernandes/Maria Margarida Diogo), 2017.

Soraia Isabel Guerreiro, MSc in Applied Microbiology,“Caracterização funcional de sRNAs de bactérias do complexo Burkholderia cepacia”, FCUL, (supervisor: ), 2017.