Sara Rosa

PhD student

Research Activities

The overall goal of my research is to develop scalable, integrated and innovative downstream processes for the purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) based on clarification (cell harvest) by extraction using aqueous two-phase systems, and further purification by chromatography using convective flow adsorbers (monoliths, membranes and fibres). The thermodynamics behind polymers, different chromatography ligands and mAbs interactions are also of great interest in my research. I’m also focused in the optimization of the production of mAbs by mammalian cell technology.


Selected Publications

Rosa, S.A.S.L.*, dos Santos, R.*, Aires-Barros, M.R., Azevedo, A.M., 2016. Phenylboronic acid Chromatography provides a Rapid, Reproducible and Easy Scalable Multimodal Process for the Capture of Monoclonal Antibodies. Separation and Purification Technology Journal 160, 43-50. *The authors contributed equally. (DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2016.01.002)

dos Santos, R.*, Rosa, S.A.S.L.*, Aires-Barros, M.R., Tover, A., Azevedo, A.M., 2014. Phenylboronic acid as a multi-modal ligand for the capture of monoclonal antibodies: Development and optimization of a washing step. Journal of Chromatography A 1355, 115-124. *The authors contributed equally. (DOI: 10.1016/j.chroma.2014.06.001)

Rosa, S.A.S.L.*, dos Santos, R.*, Aires-Barros, M.R., Tover, A., Azevedo, A.M. “Phenylboronic Acid Chromatography: Validation and Scale-up of a Multi-modal Process for the Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies”. ChemPor 2014 – 12th International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference, September 2014. #The authors contributed equally. (Oral Communication)

Rosa, S.A.S.L., Lobato da Silva, C., Aires-Barros, M.R., Azevedo, A.M. “Development of an aqueous two-phase systems based platform for the integration of cell harvest and the downstream processing of monoclonal antibodies”. XVI Congresso Latino-Americano de Cromatografia (XVICOLACRO) & 9º Encontro Nacional de Cromatografia (9ENC), January 2016. (Poster Communication)

Rosa, S.A.S.L., Fernandes-Platzgummer, A., Aires-Barros, M.R., Cabral, J.M.S., Lobato da Silva, C., Azevedo, A.M. “Promoting the production of monoclonal antibodies using a CHO cell factory”. E3 Forum 2013 – Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship, June 2013. (Poster Communication)

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