Sara Cristina Matias

Research Assistant

Research Activities


My research interests rely on the development of:
- new platforms for biochemical metabolites detection derived from ATP degradation;
- new ionic liquids-like for protein stabilization;
- methodologies in miniemulsions


Selected Publications


Matias S.C., Lourenço N.M.T., Fonseca L.P., Calado L. M., Cordas C. M., “Enzyme immobilization in a novel hydrogel conducting material” EBSA2013 – 9th European Biophysics Congress, Lisbon, Portugal, 13-17 de July 2013


Cordas C. M., Fonseca L.P., Lourenço N.M.T., Calado L. M., Santos R. B. M., Matias S. C., “Purine degradation metabolites electrochemical behavior on Ion Jelly modified screen printed electrodes” 18th SPE – 18th Meeting of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society, Porto, Portugal, 25-27 de March (2013)


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