Raquel Aires-Barros

Full professor

Research Activities

Purification of biopharmaceuticals using aqueous two-phase systems (ATPS), Magneticaly-enhanced separations of biopharmaceuticals, Cell separation, Microfluidic platforms for antibodies extraction using ATPS, Bioprocess Integration.

Selected Publications

Silva DFC, Azevedo AM,Fernandes P, Chu V, Conde JO, Aires-Barros MR "Design of a microfluidic platform for monoclonal antibody extraction using an aqueous two-phase system", J. Chromatogr. A, 1249, 1-7 (2012)

Rosa PAJ, Azevedo AM, Sommerfeld S, Backer W, Aires-Barros MR “Aqueous two-phase extraction as a platform in the biomanufacturing industry: Economical and environmental sustainability”, Biotechnol Adv, 29: 559-567 (2011).

Rosa PAJ., Ferreira IF, Azevedo AM, Aires-Barros MR, " Aqueous two-phase systems: a viable platform in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals ", J. Chromatogr. A, 1217, 2296-2305 (2010)

Azevedo AM, Rosa PAJ, Ferreira IF, Aires-Barros MR, "Chromatography-free recovery of biopharmaceuticals through aqueous two-phase processing”, Trends Biotechnol., 27, 240-247 (2009)

Azevedo AM, Rosa PAJ, Ferreira IF, Aires-Barros MR, “Integrated process for the purification of antibodies combining aqueous two-phase extraction, hydrophobic interaction chromatography and size-exclusion chromatography”, J Chromatogr A, 1213, 154-161 (2008)

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