Paulo Jorge Moura Pinto da Costa Dias

Post-Doctoral research fellow

Research Activities

Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Physiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast response to environmental stress and toxicogenomics. Characterization of transcriptional regulatory networks associated with multidrug resistance (MDR). Systems biology under a bottom-up approach. Yeast metabolomics. Gene evolution, identification of gene families and genome analysis. Evolutionary comparative genomics.

Selected Publications

Dias PJ, Sá-Correia I (2014). Phylogenetic and syntenic analyses of the 12-spanner drug:H+ antiporter family 1 (DHA1) in pathogenic Candida species: evolution of MDR1 and FLU1 genes. Genomics. 104:45-57.

Dias PJ, Sá-Correia I (2013). A common evolutionary origin for the hemiascomycetous 14-spanner drug:H+ antiporters of family 2 (DHA2), the siderophore transporters and the glutathione:H+ antiporters of the ARN and GEX families. BMC Genomics. 14:901

Dias PJ, Seret, M-L, Goffeau A, Sá-Correia I, Baret PV (2010). Evolution of the 12-spanner drug:H+ antiporter DHA1 family in hemiascomycetous yeasts. OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology. 14:701-710.

Dias PJ, Teixeira MC, Telo JP, Sá-Correia I (2010). Insights into the mechanisms of toxicity and tolerance to the agricultural fungicide mancozeb in yeast, as suggested by a chemogenomic approach. OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology. 14: 211-227.

Teixeira MC, Dias PJ, Simões T, Sá-Correia I (2008). Yeast adaptation to mancozeb involves the up-regulation of FLR1 under the coordinate control of Yap1, Rpn4, Pdr3 and Yrr1. Biochemical Biophysical Research Communications. 367: 249-255.

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