Pedro Carlos de Barros Fernandes

Assistant Researcher

Research Activities

Methodologies and rationale for the design of immobilized biocatalysts.

Development of rational strategies to speed up the screening, characterization and optimization of biotransformation/fermentation systems, anchored in high throughput platforms.

Design of hydrogels for bioapplications.

Favored model systems: Enzymatic modification of carbohydrates. Whole cell modification of sterol/steroid molecules.

Selected Publications

Nunes, M.A.P., Fernandes, P.C.B., Ribeiro, M.H.L., "Microtiter plates versus stirred mini-bioreactors in biocatalysis: A scalable approach", Bioresource Technol., 136, 30-40 (2013)

Jovanovic-Malinovska, R., Fernandes, P., Winkelhausen, E., Fonseca, L., "Galacto-oligosaccharides Synthesis from Lactose and Whey by β-Galactosidase Immobilized in PVA", Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol., 168,1197-1211 (2012)

Santa, G.L.M., Bernardino, S.M.S.A., Magalhães, S., Mendes, V., Marques, M.P.C., Fonseca, L.P., Fernandes, P., "From Inulin to Fructose Syrups Using Sol–Gel Immobilized Inulinase", Appl. Biochem Biotechnol., 165, 1-12 (2011)

Marques, M.P.C., Fernandes, P., Cabral, J.M.S., Žnidaršič-Plazl, P., Plazl, I., "On the feasibility of in situ steroid biotransformation and product recovery in microchannels", Chem. Eng. J., 160 708-714 (2010)

Fernandes, P., Marques, M.P.C., Carvalho, F., Cabral, J.M.S., A simple method for biocatalyst immobilization using PVA-based hydrogel particles. J. Chem. Technol. Biotechnol. 84, 561–564 (2009)

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