Duarte Miguel de França Teixeira dos Prazeres

Full Professor

Research Activities

Molecular design of DNA therapeutics (e.g. plasmid biopharmaceuticals), Bio-recognition and bio-interfacing (e.g. paper-based biosensors, biomolecular constructs to anchor biomolecules to surfaces), Microbial cell factories (e.g. engineering and use of microbial cells for plasmid and minicircle production).

Selected Publications

De la Vega, J., Braak, B., Monteiro, G.A., Azzoni, A.R., Prazeres, D.M.F., “Impact of Plasmid Quality on Lipoplex-Mediated Transfection”, J. Pharm. Sci. 102, 3932-3941 (2013)

Martins, S.A.M., Moulas, G., Trabuco, J.R.C., Monteiro, G.A., Chu, V., Conde, J.P., Prazeres, D.M.F., “Monitoring Intracellular Calcium in Response to GPCR Activation Using Thin-film Silicon Photodiodes with Integrated Fluorescence Filters”, Biosensors Bioelectronics, 52, 232-238 (2014)

Rosa, A.M.M., Louro, A.F., Martins, S.A.M., Silva, J.J.I., Azevedo, A.M., Prazeres, D.M.F. “Capture and Detection of DNA Hybrids on Paper via the Anchoring of Antibodies with Fusions of Carbohydrate Binding Modules with ZZ-domains”, Anal. Chem., 86, 4340-4347 (2014)

Pereira, P.M.M., Moita, A.S., Monteiro, G.A., Prazeres, D.M.F., “Characterization of the Topography and Wettability of English Weed Leaves and Biomimetic Replicas”, J. Bionic Eng. 11, 346-359 (2014)

Gonçalves, G.A.L., Prather, K.L.J., Monteiro, G.A., Carnes, A.E., Prazeres, D.M.F., “Plasmid DNA Production with Escherichia coli GALG20, a pgi-gene Knockout Strain: Fermentation Strategies and Impact on Downstream Processing”, J. Biotechnol. 186, 119-127, (2014)

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