Isabel Sá-Correia

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Research Activities

Isabel Sá-Correia research interests are in the fields of Molecular and Cellular Microbiology, Microbial Biotechnology, and Functional and Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics. Research strategies explore the interface between “Omic” analyses, (transcriptomics, proteomics, chemogenomics, metabolomics, lipidomics) and molecular and cellular microbiology research to characterize new regulatory pathways under stress, to obtain mechanistic insights, a genome-wide view, and a systems-based understanding of the responses of yeasts and gram-negative bacteria to environmental challenges relevant to improve/control their activity in Industrial and Agro-Food, Health, and Environmental Biotechnology.

Selected Publications

Palma, M., Dias, P.J., Roque, F.C., Luzia, L., Guerreiro, J.F., Sá-Correia, I., "The Zygosaccharomyces bailii transcription factor Haa1 is required for acetic acid and copper stress responses suggesting subfunctionalization of the ancestral bifunctional protein Haa1/Cup2"BMC Genomics 18: 75, 2017.


dos Santos, S.C., Sá-Correia, I., "Yeast toxicogenomics: lessons from a eukaryotic cell model and cell factory", Current Opinion in Biotechnology 33:183–191, 2015  


Teixeira, M.C., Monteiro, P.T., Guerreiro, J.F., Gonçalves, J.P., Mira, N.P., dos Santos, S.C., Cabrito, T., Palma, M., Costa, C., Francisco, A.P., Madeira, S.C., Oliveira, A.L., Freitas, A.T., Sá-Correia, I., "The YEASTRACT database: an upgraded information system for the analysis of gene and genomic transcription regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae", Nucleic Acids Research, Database Issue, 42: D161-D166, 2014.   


Moreira, A.S., Lourenço, A.B.,  Sá-Correia, I., "1H-NMR-based endometabolome profiles of Burkholderia cenocepacia clonal variants retrieved from a cystic fibrosis patient during chronic infection", Frontiers in Microbiology (section Systems Microbiology) 7: 2024, 2016.


Guerreiro, J., Muir, A., Ramachandran, S., Thorner, J., Sá-Correia, I., Sphingolipid biosynthesis upregulation by TOR Complex 2-Ypk1 signaling during yeast adaptive response to acetic acid stress, Biochemical Journal, 473(23): 4311-4325, 2016.  

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