Helena Maria Pinheiro

Associate Professor

Research Activities

- Whole-cell biocatalysis for industrial and environmental applications.
- Mixed culture, sequencing batch bioreactors for the biotransformation of synthetic chemicals.
- Spectroscopy and chemometrics applied to wastewater quality monitoring in the context of biotreatment.

Selected Publications

Franca, R. D. G., Vieira, A., Mata, A. M. T., Carvalho, G. S., Pinheiro, H. M., Lourenço, N. D., "Effect of an azo dye on the performance of an aerobic granular sludge sequencing batch reactor treating a simulated textile wastewater", Water Res., 85, 327-336 (2015).

Salgado Brito, R.,  Pinheiro, H. M. , Ferreira, F.,  Saldanha Matos, J.,  Lourenço, N. D., "In situ UV-Vis spectroscopy to estimate COD and TSS in wastewater drainage systems", Urban Water J., 11(4), 261-273 (2014).

Lourenço, N. D., Lopes, J. A., Almeida, C. F., Sarraguça, M. C., Pinheiro, H. M., "Bioreactor monitoring with spectroscopy and chemometrics: a review", Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 404(4), 1211-1237 (2012).

Lourenço, N. D., Chaves, C. L., Menezes, J. C., Novais, J. M., Pinheiro, H. M., Diniz, D., "UV spectra analysis for water quality monitoring in a fuel park wastewater treatment plant", Chemosphere, 65, 786-791 (2006).

Albuquerque, M. G. E., Lopes, A. T., Serralheiro, M. L., Novais, J. M., Pinheiro, H. M., Biological sulphate reduction and redox mediator effects on azo dye decolourisation in anaerobic-aerobic sequencing batch reactors, Enzyme Microb. Technol., 36, 790-799 (2005).

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