Dragana Popović Correia de Barros

Post-Doctoral research fellow

Research Activities

My research focuses on the bioseparation processes, specially the partition phenomena in aqueous two phase systems, as well as on the development of these systems as an efficient tool for separation of bioproducts (proteins, antibodies, etc.). I am particularly interested in developing a model to predict partitioning behaviour of biomolecules, using a molecular modeling methodology. Another very important research interest is in the field of biocatalytic synthesis in green reaction media

Selected Publications

de Barros, D.P.C, Azevedo, A., Cabral, J. M.S., Fonseca, L.P.,“Optimisation of flavour esters synthesis by Fusarium solani pisi cutinase”, Journal of Food Biochemistry, 36, 275 (2012).

de Barros, D.P.C, Fernandes, P., Cabral, J. M.S., Fonseca, L.P.,“Synthetic application and activity of cutinase in an aqueous miniemulsion model system: hexyl octanoate synthesis”, Catalysis Today, 1, 173 (2011).

de Barros, D.P.C, Fonseca, L.P., Cabral, J. M.S.,Aschenbrenner, E. M., Weiss, C. K., Landfester, K., “ Miniemulsion as efficient system for enzymatic synthesis of acid alkyl esters”, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 106, 507 (2010).

de Barros, D.P.C, Fonseca, L.P., Cabral, J. M.S.,Weiss, C. K.,Landfester, K., “Synthesis of alkyl esters by cutinase in miniemulsion and organic solvent media”, Biotechnology Journal.,4, 674 (2009).

de Barros, D.P.C, Fonseca, L.P, Fernandes, P., Cabral, J. M.S.,Mojovic, Lj.,” Biosynthesis of ethyl caproate and other short ethyl esters catalyzed by cutinase in organic solvent”, Journal of Molecular catalysis B:Enzymatic, 2009, 60,178.

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